The Economics of Change | Breaking the Molds

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August 23, 2016
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August 23, 2016
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The Economics of Change | Breaking the Molds

BizNerve: Nearly 10% of Australia’s economy is driven by its mining industry, with China as its leading trade partner on sale of Iron ore and coal. The economy’s dependence on traditional businesses and its engagement over the years in fundamental industries is soon going to be overhauled. As the government announces an investment of over A$1.1bn in what is touted to be the revival plan for a 21st century ready Australian economy, initiatives around circular and newer ideas for industry are welcomed and promoted. Also to make the industry more diverse the government has made swift and sure changes in its Visa policies and also encouraging business talents to create new avenues for business, trade and exchange to keep up with the global economic trends. As part of the reform process investors will receive a 20% non-refundable tax rebate up to the value of A$200,000 per investor per year, and a 10-year capital gains tax exemption. Venture capital investors will receive a 10% tax offset to expand startups in their early stages.

With such public announcements comes a sense of confidence and polarity in the business community to advantage from these new policies and trends. Not to mention foray with a string of international tie-ups and associations, bringing successful global enterprises into Australia for  production, development, trade and manufacturing like never before. Interestingly though, this horizontal expanse will require immense support and handling specially while apportioning capital and managing resources not only on the front, but also the at back-end. While the times ahead would require a developmental attitude towards connecting and integrating new businesses, the need to consolidate and run these new entities would be a completely different task.

Taking specific cues from how our industry is modelled today, the relevance of modular services in finance will emerge as probably the most crucial and determining factor in how most businesses are able to leverage themselves in the very near future. Be it leadership, operations or governance, our traditional resource pool may not completely suffice the need for this mega expansion and would require impetus from service providers who specialise in various domains to come together and create synergies in various spaces and facets of business.

BizNerve being a key propellant of Modular Services in Finance is therefore your partner of choice. Our product suite is designed to aid and support various functions within the finance eco-system and are available on the plug & play model. Starting from the grass roots all the way to the top, BizNerve simplifies financial control through Book Keeping, Budgeting & Forecasting, Payroll Management, Business Consulting, Virtual Leadership and Systems Integration. A team of professional finance specialist with a collective experience of over 50 years, we are a great mix of CPAs, Financial Analysts, Accountants and Process Engineers who can not only fill the gaps but also create a robust environment in your finance department. We work with an attitude of multiplicity, where we offer domain expertise as well as consult you on the overall projection, planning and rollout of businesses in a contemporary but risk-free way!

So if you are looking to to partake in the “IDEAS BOOM” driving the Australian economy to the next level, engage with us and discover how our modular financial services can help your achieve much more than the conventional finance team. We would be happy to relay or present our capabilities and services and help your achieve landmarks, faster.

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