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August 23, 2016
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God is in the Details!

BizNerve: We are no advocates of should-haves and must-haves. Each business and enterprise operates and functions in a manner which suits them best and more often that not specific departments and teams are created and relied upon internally or even externally depending on their core and importance. Today’s hyper-dynamic world offers several stress points to enterprises including transactional recording and book keeping services. Often seen as pervasive, this aspect of business attains lower priority since its nature and process. However, help is not too far away.

With nearly 15 years of experience and exposure in managing finance teams across various small, mid and large businesses our team of dedicated professionals offer the reliability of an in-house team and the efficiency of an out-sources partner on BookKeeping services. We understand that the lack of effective bookkeeping services may cause not only stress but also gaps in proper information and data, paramount for split second decisions which impact the top and bottom lines of your business. We BookKeeping part of our Grass-Root management system where we offer the following benefits when we work with you…

Accounts Receivables and Payables: Probably the most critical and important function within the organisation is to keep a hawk’s eye on the cash in bank and micro interventions on receivables and payables. Most robotic processes implemented by outsourced professionals don’t allow the flexibility to your customers who wish to pay upfront and avoid the usual pipeline and process of invoicing and payment. We understand that and help you device a free flowing communication channel, such as it were your own and improve realisation. Secondly, we administer maximum payout schedules with vendors and partners to hang on to the dollar to end without crearing stress or relationship gaps in your eco-sytem. We promote financial health and make sure that money entry and exit notes are held close to our chest at all times.

Decision Making: Effective data capturing and effective representation makes way for informed decision making, reviews and creating business projections for that “bang on target” performance. Integrated with CRM and other e-tools our reporting systems and processes are probably the best in the industry, reliant too. We would be glad to take a step further into personal consultation based on our book entries to help you stay informed and ready for any minor or major fluctuations in the business environment, competition or any of factors or their sets.

Information Accuracy Filters: We all know CPAs are always very expensive and its quite a task while getting a random check on the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the books. We will gladly offer our “modular services” to act as a second filter to the recorded or unrecorded information which has transpired and may surface in eventuality. So no more second guessing and no complicated cross questioning departments and employees, simply get us introduced to your system and we will help you sort things out, even.

Tax Readiness : Its not just the policies, but also monthly and quarterly information about profitability and the absolute, real and unadulterated definition of Net Revenue that the organisation has achieved. Needless to say tax implications met timely and addressed systematically saves a lot of stress and promotes efficneincy within the company. And it goes beyond when reviewing and managing targets across several Performance Indicators as a whole or within teams. Effective tax computation

Internal Control: Avoiding common menaces like misappropriation or disabling revenue leaks from within the system. Our Book Keeping services ensure that the least common denominators in business accounting are metered and measured up once they are written. In addition, our consultants are also capable of outlining and higlighting issues and clauses withing the process, operation of functioning of the business to improve upon goals and achievable.

Pre-Audits & Audit Readiness: In our parlance, audit readiness is not just a feature but a virtue. It pays to be clean and even all year round and what better merit when your book keeping system fits like a glove on your operations and grows with the business. Also at the time of audits, whether scheduled or otherwise our professional intervention and involvement will add suitable confidence in the finance department and help answer any kind of queries and resolve matters in real time.

Time Management for better Leadership: We understand and appreciate the fact that your aspirations and goals help the business rise, we also understand that as a leader you are always thinking about new ways of expanding and growing your business. However the back-end and front-end are mostly like the horse and cart, where both components have to perform as well for the business to gain sustainable momentum. Our Grass-Root management philosophy and implementation on book keeping helps create that synergy and ensures that the back-end systems are almost as powerful and compliant as the front-end. We are driven by targets too, just as you drive your sales. In essence, we free you up with the worries of creating a healthy finance organisation so that you manage your time better and do things that matter you the most.

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