Singular Tax Consulting may Eclipse your Business

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August 23, 2016
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August 23, 2016
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Singular Tax Consulting may Eclipse your Business

BizNerve: Consulting practises within SMEs have long been prevalent and has been acknowledged for its value and effectiveness in bring about positive change in the organisation. However, most business leaders consider aspects of consulting related to profit maximisation through micro methods such as tax savings. This is a classic paradox of prioritising consulting for areas which are more complicated that others, taxation being one such micro area. While there is everything right about tax consulting and going by its popularity there is every reason for business leaders to prioritise it, but the process of production, trade, sales and realisation far precedes profit booking and taxation requirements in every sense.

Not to mention while most organisations retort to conventional (read Manual) methods of finance control they most often produce gaps in the overall governance that tend to create greater opportunities of savings and profit maximisation than over micro methods. Interestingly the back-end systems get the least amount of attention and are subject to profiling only after long hauls. An effective consulting practise therefore must consist of the following true to business value aspects and if you are not seeking them, there is definitely scope to roll some knobs which will produce higher benefit for you, starting now.

A Macro Approach

Like a complicated machinery which has several parts working together to form a single solution, every business has several micro areas which function collectively to bring about the magic of enterprise. We understand these complex relationships and help audit and refine these processes to ensure that there are no gaps between how you want your enterprise to run and how things actually are. Our expertise in finance control and several other aspects of exchange within your organisation will help you run an organisation from a virtual dashboard which implements things instantly.

Consolidation lead Governance

Consolidation is often one of the most critical and challenging aspects when driving a system towards positive change. The essence of consolidation is effective leadership. We ensure that your leadership is reinforced with substantiated information and process improvement aspects which make you connect with your teams as well as make sure changes are implemented without any friction or resistance internally or externally. Consolidation also implies understand at a deep level how inter-departmental activities are impacting the delivery or other aspects of your business. We help you consolidate as consultants or as a Virtual team of senior or mid-level professionals which are again modular.

Automation of the Back-end

The most commonly elimiated and de-prioritiesed aspect of your business is the automation of the back-end. Where seemingly simple activities are executed manually there are mostly gaps which create collective and cumulative gaps in the overall scheme of things. BizNerve offers the know-how of implementing the right systems and models that go beyond efficiency and offer plural results.

Effective Choices and Decision Making

Results are achieved only by making constant choices and decisions. While information may be free-flowing, the ability to decipher from various pieces and make specific decisions ensures results are prompt and regularised. BizNerve’s consulting practise is centred about achieving goals and proving our worth within your system. Our dash-board approach towards offering you complete control is an outcome of this very thought we possess.

BizNerve brings a new perspective on Business Process Consulting which puts the horse in front of the cart and not otherwise. We are a specialised team of finance professionals with over 15 years of collective experience and intelligence and offer services to your business in a modular way. Our plug & play model helps build efficiency without creating overheads and as far as consulting go we have the capabilities to look at several specific or generic aspects of business and deliver results which not only help drive profits but also create an overall KPI health in your business.

Discover how Modular Finance can help your business Rise!

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