V-CFO | Virtual is not from Cyborg

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August 23, 2016
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V-CFO | Virtual is not from Cyborg

BizNerve®: Thomas Cullingham and Roger Maire are pioneers in soft engineering tools, one of the better product manufacturers from Australia who have not only created a domestic market for themselves, but also internationally. Their approach towards expansion is “trading based” which means that they first create a supply module in new geographies, create a sustainable sales model and as a last step enter markets by establishing teams and offices. This way they can almost be assured of success and the future of their operations in any new market they enter. While this strategy sounds easy, there are several road-blocks when it comes to creating demand and supply and in addition there are always financial control issues which bother and conflict their interests. While and ideal way is to appoint a Finance Controller and a small team under them in these new geographies, costs and overheads often don’t allow them to do so. Needless to say that most times either the operations are too small or its too soon for them to afford a senior resource managing their business.

Just like Thomas and Roger, several active enterprises are posed with issues of financial governance coupled with admissive overheads, which pull the operations back. Not to mention the scale and size of many new organizations don’t allow a top heavy structure, leading to lag in development and expansion of those businesses.

At BizNerve we understand and compliment your spirit with technical, strategic and process oriented drive through our Virtual CFO product. While we offer extremely modular services interms of grass-root and upwards, the V-CFO is special as it not only integrates but also commands the various micro level services and operations within your organization. Ensuring that the cog and the wheel perform seamlessly to deliver more than just financial freedom, but operating freedom so that you stay sharp on achieving your goals and objectives.

And the Cyborg part is just to tell you that we deal with warm bodies, which don’t alternate for your business.

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